Selenium WebDriver Topics To Learn

Selenium With Java

Section #1

Installation of different components to start Automation
Java Installation,Eclipse Installation
Selenium jar files
Basic Project set up for automation

Section #2

What is WebDriver?
Different types of drivers in Selenium
Sample code to launch a browser.

Section #3

Core Java Basics
Loop controls (e.g. for loop)
Conditional loops(e.g. if…else loop)

Section #4

Different Element locators in Selenium

Section #5

How to work with LINKS ?
How to work with Radio Buttons?
How to Work with Check boxes in a Web Page?
How to get all the links in a web page?

Section #6

Working With Web Tables
How to handle drop-down in a web page?

Section #7

Core Java Basics
String Class in Java
Arrays in Java
ArrayList in Java
Access modifiers (public,private,protected)

Section #8

Synchronization techniques in Automation
Implicit wait in Selenium WebDriver
Explicit wait in Selenium WebDriver

Section #9

What is iframe?
How to work with iframe in Selenium?
How to fix problems due to iframes?

Section #10

How to handle alerts in Selenium?
Working with pop up windows in Selenium

Section #11

Working With Drag and Drop operations in Selenium
WebDriver Action Class in Selenium
Working with Mouse Hover actions in Selenium

Section #12

How to scroll in a web Page?
JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium
Different techniques to execute javascript in Selenium

Section #13

What is TestNG?
Testing Framework
Different annotations in TestNG
TestNG assertions
Integration of TestNG in Selenium

Section #14

Testng.xml file
How to group different test cases in automation?
Data Provider in TestNG
TestNG Reports
TestNG Listeners,Assignment for week 5

Section #15

Core Java Basics
OOPs Concepts
Interface in Java

Section #16

How to handle TEST DATA in Automation?
Working with Excel files
Working with text files
Working with yaml files
Working with xml files

Section #17

What is Automation Framework?
Different components of Automation Framework
Data Driven Framework design
Keyword Driven Framework design
Hybrid Framework
Logger in the Automation Framework

Section #18

Build tools overview
CI tools overview